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Elevate your tech career with PwC Canada

Join us at PwC Canada, where were creating opportunities for everyone to excel in the tech industry.

With us, youll have the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading companies, drive innovation, and navigate diverse career paths. Here, youre part of a community committed to a rewarding career, shaping a tech industry that reflects the diversity and dynamism of our society.

How we’re supporting professional futures

We’re dedicated to gender equality, breaking barriers, and fostering womens success in technology. We actively create professional opportunities for our team members to connect, share experiences, and grow together, building a community of like-minded professionals passionate about technology.

Our commitment extends to both formal and informal programs, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their career stage, has access to guidance, support, and the chance to mentor others. This holistic approach to professional development is how we ensure that every member of our team can thrive and excel in their careers. 

Women in Tech Community

The Women in Tech Community offers a wide range of learning, talent development and networking opportunities to help women progress in their careers and increase representation at the leadership levels.

Women in Leadership program

The Women in Leadership program is a six-month program that provides women with personal and professional development focused on four areas: insights, tools, networks, and experience.

Black Professionals in Tech Network

Through the Black Professionals in Tech Network, we’ve created a peer-to-peer community and we’re continually recruiting for Black tech talent.


For women interested in cybersecurity, FutureCISO is designed to assist them establish their brand, grow their network, upskill and advance in their careers all while bridging the gap between a senior cyber role and towards a future CISO role.


SheProtects is a movement to support women as equal participants in the digital world and as leaders driving change. We help women build their personal brand and network; we also help them cultivate a sense of community and foster higher retention rates and support our member’s career aspirations.

Executive Exposure Program

The Executive Exposure Program, part of Women in Tech, provides female managers with unparalleled opportunities to network with technology partners and their clients.

How we’re supporting life beyond the workplace

We prioritize the overall well-being of our team members, understanding the critical importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Our approach to benefits is holistic, crafted to consider the whole person by supporting not just physical health, but also mental and emotional well-being.

Our comprehensive benefits and supportive programs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our employees, ensuring they feel fully supported in each aspect of life.