The skills we look for PwC Professional framework

We use the PwC Professional framework across the PwC network to clearly identify the attributes and behaviours our people need to help achieve our purpose - to build trust in society and solve important problems.

Our development approach emphasizes frequent, informal feedback against these principles to maximize strengths, quickly close gaps and drive learning in real time throughout the year. It centres on giving our people the skills to deliver the highest technical quality, enhance credibility and forge and sustain high-quality professional relationships.

We recommend you start your interview preparation well in advance and consider how you can demonstrate each of the five attributes in the PwC Professional framework. Whatever the role, level or expertise you bring to PwC, we look for people who love making a difference wherever they can.

Recruitment process
We use the framework throughout the recruitment process. It describes the capabilities we need to meet the expectations of our clients, colleagues and communities in today’s changing global marketplace.

The combination of these attributes helps our people bring their best self to work and inspire their colleagues and clients to do the same. It also means our people are strongly and uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of the future, wherever their careers might lead them.

There are five attributes within the PwC Professional framework:

Global & Inclusive

Transcending boundaries of geography, politics, race and culture

In a complex and continually changing world, you need to operate and collaborate effectively with a mindset that transcends boundaries and embraces diverse perspectives.

  • Are you curious and ask questions to enhance your understanding of people and places?
  • Do you seek and embrace the perspectives and views of others to develop better solutions?
  • How do you adapt to different environments to collaborate with diverse teams?

Whole Leadership

The ability to lead and inspire, to make a positive impact and deliver results

We need you to lead yourself and others, regardless of your position, by making a real difference in the work you do. This means delivering results in a responsible, authentic, resilient, inclusive and passionate way.

  • Do you learn from your opportunities and take the time to develop your personal approach to work?
  • Do you lead others to be the best they can be, whether you’re part of a team or leading one?
  • Are you guided by values, principles and ethics to uphold professional standards at all times?​​


Build meaningful, authentic and trust based relationships

You’re skilled at building relationships of high value that are genuine and rooted in trust.

  • Do you communicate with confidence?
  • Do you invest in developing authentic relationships with people at all levels?
  • Are you passionate about providing exceptional service?

Technical and Digital capabilities

Technical capabilities that create value for clients and PwC

In your role you’ll apply a range of technical and digital capabilities to deliver quality and value for our clients and PwC.

  • Do you maintain professional standards and always produce high-quality work?
  • Do you have the mindset to develop your skills, thrive and productively engage in a digital world?
  • How do you make time for continuous learning and relevant upskilling and share your knowledge with others?

Business Acumen

The ability to bring business knowledge and awareness

You’ll bring business knowledge and awareness, or have a willingness to learn about business, and bring innovation and fresh thinking to create distinctive value for our clients and PwC.

  • How do you keep up to date with rapidly changing business and industry trends?
  • Do you consider all facts and think broadly about data when making recommendations?
  • Do you see opportunities within changing business environments that can add value?

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