We’re here to support you on your CPA journey
When you join one of our pre-approved programs, we support you on your way of becoming a CPA. You won’t have to go through it alone—we’ll work together to provide you every opportunity for success. Students who have been through our program have a track record of outperforming the national average on the CPA exams.

Navigating the provincial CPA requirements can be tricky, but our CPA Centre of Excellence team is there to help. Whether you’re registering for your modules and exams or completing your practical experience reports—we know what needs to be done to set you up for success.

Passionate about building trust for a sustainable future?

You can now pursue your Canadian CPA designation (‘CPA’) in PwC Canada’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting & Assurance practice.*

Become a part of this groundbreaking program powered by ESG principles and embark on a journey toward a sustainable future. Our comprehensive CPA training and ESG expertise will provide you with a holistic understanding of sustainable business practices. You’ll have an opportunity of becoming an agent of positive change and building trust through hands-on experience, mentorship, financial support, CFE study program and materials, and networking opportunities while obtaining your CPA designation.

*Currently available in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Montreal

Here are some of the ways we’ll help you

Practical experience

  • Our pre-approved programs take the guesswork out of completing your practical experience. We make sure your program provides the opportunity to develop all the required competencies.
  • Your career coach also serves as your CPA mentor, helping monitor your competency, development and progress.

Financial support and study leave

  • We provide financial support for CPA professional education program costs, student registration fees and annual membership dues.
  • The exams require hard work and dedication, so we set paid and unpaid time aside for you to focus on your studies and write your exams.

CFE support

  • Our in-house CFE program helps you develop case-writing skills and prepares you to pass the CFE.
  • Practice cases are marked by professional markers, with personalized feedback and personal report cards to help you chart your progress.
  • A recent successful CFE writer from your office will mentor you, providing guidance and support as you prepare to write the exam.
  • Our study plans provide a plan of attack during study leave.
  • Study leave resource site provides tips for making the most of your leave.

Rewards and recognition

  • Congrats! You get paid days off to recognize your achievement once you pass the CFE.
  • Bonuses are awarded for National and Regional Gold Medallists and placement on the National Honour Roll.
  • We’ll all celebrate your success when you achieve this important milestone in your career.

What our people say

“As I approach the end of my CPA program journey and prepare to write the CFE in September, I’m happy to know I will be supported by my mentors as well as my colleagues. I will be receiving 1-on-1 coaching from my CPA mentor, who has successfully written the CFE, and personalized guidance throughout the process. It’s comforting to know that I also have colleagues who have gone through the same process, and they have valuable advice to share. Working with PwC Canada also gave me the opportunity to develop my critical thinking skills and time management. These were invaluable in my CPA program journey.”
Preparing for CFE 2023
“Having just completed the CPA process with PwC, I can say that what I was told about the program and the people at PwC is true. The extra preparation provided by the PwC program was helpful, but what really made the difference was knowing I had colleagues and friends who had been in the same situation and could help normalize this weird experience.”
Successful CFE writer in 2022
“I'm grateful to have PwC Canada supporting me throughout my CPA journey. I was given an adequate amount of time off to study for the CFE, along with great mentors guiding me through the technical materials and colleagues providing me with emotional support during stressful times. It is encouraging to know that everyone at PwC cares about your career journey and prepares you for the best.”
Successful CFE writer in 2022

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