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  • As a candidate, you should never be asked to pay an agency or third party a fee for an introduction to PwC. Please contact us immediately if an agency offers an introduction or a role with us for a fee.
  • Please note that by selecting the language for your Candidate Application, you’re agreeing to that language being your preferred correspondence language for the duration of the recruitment process. Please ensure that you apply in either English or Canadian French.
The use of AI in recruiting is just getting started, so we know you have questions on how and why we use it. At certain points during our recruiting process, we rely on artificial intelligence or automation to improve your experience. This could be during resume review or curating personalized job recommendations, asking you clarifying questions via a chatbot or during our interview scheduling to improve your experience. Our use of AI helps further ensure we combat bias, by evaluating candidates equally and fairly, without seeing identity information (like your name, gender etc). AI also helps us better predict successful hires by reviewing all applicants for a role and the relationship between your skills, experience and likely success at PwC Canada. For more information about our use and protection of your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.